9th Annual UMEM Residency ECG Competition Quiz Answers: Part I of II



Question #1.  This 50 yo M presents with chest pain and has STE in both limb leads and precordial leads.

1a. What is the diagnosis? (1 pt)
1b. What is the basis for your answer in 1a (versus other potential causes of diffuse STE). (2 pts)


Question #2.  A 79 yo M presents after a syncopal episode with this ECG. What is the rhythm diagnosis? (2 pts)



Question #3:  A 74 yo W reports intermittent SOB and nausea all day. This is her ECG. VS: afeb, HR 115, BP 125/65, RR 21, pox 96%, FS 100. Looks ok, lungs clear.

3a. What is the ECG diagnosis? (1 pt)

3b. What is your management for this rhythm? (2 pts)



Question #4:  A 35 yo M presents with agitated delirium. After giving some benzos for sedation, you get this ECG.

4a. What is the drug of choice to treat this condition? (1 pt) 4b. What are 4 ECG findings that will improve with treatment? (2 pts)



Question #5:  A 60 yo W presents with CP and this ECG.  Please provide a FULL ECG interpretation (3 pts)



Question #6:  A 77 yo W presents after a syncopal episode and has this ECG.

6a. What was the probable cardiac rhythm that caused the syncope? (1 pt)
6b. What is the treatment for this patient? (1 pt)



Notes: Questions for Amal? Email him at [email protected] or find him on Twitter @amalmattu.

Kudos: Thanks to Ahmed Abbas & Javier Chavarría for sharing their cases!

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