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FAQ Page2016-12-21T17:14:36-05:00
What are the requirements to view ECG Weekly?2016-12-21T17:14:59-05:00

All you need is a HTML5 device – computer, tablet, iPhone, etc. We stream our videos to make viewing fast and easy. Our servers will automatically recognize the type of device you are using and send you an appropriate-sized video file so the download sizes respect your bandwidth.

What does ECG Weekly Cost?2016-12-21T17:14:59-05:00

You can find our pricing information here.

Do You Offer Group Pricing2015-01-22T15:42:20-05:00

We do offer group pricing. You can purchase ECGWeekly by group. The way this works is one customer pays and is allocated a certain number of seats that they can give to others. This allows a group to pay with one credit card and obtain bulk pricing. See our store for pricing details. Should you have a larger group than we offer online, please let us know.

About ECGWeekly

Our goal is to make electrocardiogram interpretation simple, practical, and fun for acute providers; and we believe that mastery of this simple skill will save lives.