What are the requirements to view ECG Weekly?

All you need is an HTML5 device – computer, tablet, iPhone, etc. We stream our videos to make viewing fast and easy. Our servers will automatically recognize the type of device you are using and send you an appropriate-sized video file so the download sizes respect your bandwidth.

What does ECG Weekly Cost?

You can find our pricing information here.

Do You Offer Group Pricing

We do offer group pricing. You can purchase ECGWeekly by group. The way this works is one customer pays and is allocated a certain number of seats that they can give to others. This allows a group to pay with one credit card and obtain bulk pricing. See our store for pricing details. Should you have a larger group than we offer online, please let us know.

Can I share my account?

ECGWeekly does not allow its users to share accounts. Our system will automatically lock accounts that share their login with others.