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Expertise in recognition of critical ECG findings will help you save and improve more lives. ECG STAT is here to help you make a difference when it counts! 

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The Life Savers

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The Killer Differentials

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The Stepwise Approach

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The Basics & Fundamentals

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ECG Intepretation Made Simple!

Providing acute care is hard. We manage multiple critically ill patients in stressful environments full of interruptions. Knowing all the clinically relevant ECG patterns and criteria that are necessary is challenging, but we've got you covered!

ECG STAT transforms chaos into clarity, offering an on-the-go ECG guru at your fingertips. Use it for quick bedside access to all the clinically relevant ECG findings and criteria you need to know in acute care medicine.

Dealing with an acute ECG abnormality? Simply look up the list of critical differentials that must be considered for that abnormality to help you clinch the diagnosis. ECG STAT also provides high yield clinical management pearls on many topics to help you become an expert at using the ECG to improve care.


A "STAT ECG" refers to an ECG that is performed immediately in acute care settings to help make critical decisions about patient care.

Rapid assessment and interpretation of the ECG in these cases are crucial for timely diagnosis and treatment, which can be life-saving.

ECG STAT is an innovative diagnostic tool designed for acute care providers. It primarily serves as a bedside guide for interpreting STAT ECGs accurately. It's developed to assist making critical decisions in emergent settings as simple as possible.



While created by emergency medicine physicians primarily to improve emergency department care, any healthcare professionals involved in acute care medicine can benefit learning from our comprehensive and relevant resources.

Non-physician subscribers include:  paramedics, nurses, APPs, and medical students, and many more ECG enthusiasts.

Physician subscribers include: hospitalists, intensivists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists and more. 

ECG STAT stands out with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive content, and focus on point-of-care application. It fits in seamlessly to supplement ECG weekly workout content, and can be used to reinforce learning and assessments from ECG Skills. It combines thorough ECG interpretation guidelines with practical, real-world scenarios, making it an invaluable resource for busy healthcare environments.

ECG STAT is not only a diagnostic tool but also a learning resource. It offers clinically relevant education categorized by life saving STAT ECG, must know differential diagnoses, and a growing library that coveres the basics and fundamentals of ECG interpretation. ECG STAT is perfect for students or new practitioners to learn and reinforce their ECG interpretation skills.

Designed with emergencies in mind, ECG STAT is highly accessible. It can be used on various devices, ensuring that critical information is available whenever and wherever it's needed. 

ECG STAT is also regularly updated to reflect the latest in clinical research and guidelines, ensuring users have the most current information at their fingertips.

It is edited on at least a weekly basis and will continue to improve with time. We are constantly working to make sure users have everything they need, exactly when they need it most!

Full access to ECG STAT is available through ECG Weekly Plus and Max membership. Limited access is available to ECG Weekly Essentials members, and we generally recommend a Max membership to take advantage of everything we have to offer for most users. Visit our subscription page for more details and a full breakdown of member benefits. 

Members can log on from any device with an internet connection. We recommend adding the ECG STAT home page to your home screen on mobile devices to use it as a webapp for bedside or on-the-go reference as needed. 

Use the red search bar above find specific information or browse our collections at your convenience to elevate your ECG skills on your time. 

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