Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Master Emergency ECG Interpretation One Week at a Time with ECG Weekly

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Welcome to ECG Weekly, your partner in mastering emergency ECG interpretation.  Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to rapidly identify life-threatening ECG abnormalities to save more lives and make a real difference in patient outcomes.

Join our thriving community of over 30,000 learners in our signature “ECG Weekly Workouts with Dr. Amal Mattu” series. Every Monday, discover new, real-world ECG cases, meticulously explained through comprehensive video tutorials by Dr. Mattu. Each episode is paired with detailed written summaries with key take-home points and quizzes to reinforce your learning.   Transform your ECG interpretation skills one week at a time with ECG Weekly.

  • New high yield video tutorials presented by Dr. Amal Mattu every week!
  • Episodes published and delivered to your email inbox every Monday morning.
  • Detailed written summaries of every episode with take-home points and quizzes.
  • Access to over 500 prior episodes newly categorized and easily searchable.
  • Difficult concepts broken down into easily digestible information that makes learning easy.
  • Simply watch along with us every week and be shocked by how fast your ECG skills improve.

Product Features

Your Weekly Dose of ECG Expertise!

Learn directly from internationally revered ECG expert and professor of emergency medicine, Dr. Amal Mattu.

Dr. Mattu is a passionate teacher, who is known for his ability to break down difficult concepts into easily digestible information that will help you take better care of your patients.

The new website makes it easier than ever to learn from his weekly videos. We have archived over 500 episodes of his acclaimed video lessons which are now titled and easily searchable. You can now easily organize episodes by date, category,  or type:

      • Emergency Cardiology Literature Review & Updates
      • Baltimore City EMS Cases
      • UMEM ECG Potpourri Cases
      • Annual ECG Competitions
      • Emergency Medicine Board Review

Dedicated Educators Delivering High Yield Content That Saves Lives

Learning how to use the ECG to help you take excellent care of your patients is not easy. ECG expertise requires dedication and lots of practice.

Reading an ECG book or taking a course periodically is helpful, but usually not enough. At ECG weekly we deliver spaced repetition of critical ECG concepts to make remembering what matters as easy as possible.  All you have to do is spend a few minutes a week with us and we will help skyrocket your skills with:

        • New workout sent to your inbox every Monday
        • Expert written summaries with key teaching points and references
        • Short quiz questions with every episode to reinforce your learning

Rapidly Improve Your ECG Skills

Join a community of life-savers! With ECG Weekly, you’re not just learning ECG interpretation; you’re gearing up to save and improve lives. Sign up today and transform the way you approach emergency ECGs by investing just a few minutes every week!

In addition to your weekly ECG education, we now offer a couple new ways to maximize your learning:

        • ECG STAT – our new point of care diagnostic guide. Check out related topics after your workouts, master the basics, and reference up to date ECG criteria anywhere, anytime.
        • ECG Skills – claim CME easily for all the learning you do with us here. You can also access our new ECG skills exams that can measure your growth and identify your opportunities for improvement.

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