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New episodes every week to help take your ECG skills to the next level!

Dr. Mattu's insightful video presentations are brief but comprehensive, complete with concise written summaries and essential take-home points.

ECG weekly is a powerful tool to enhance your proficiency and confidence in emergency ECG interpretation.


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The ultimate point of care ECG interpretation guide for acute care clinicians.

ECG STAT helps you remember important ECG patterns and criteria, must know differential diagnoses, and high yield clinical pearls to help you make the right decisions when it counts!

ECG STAT is our newest offering, which perfectly supplements what you learn every week with our workouts.


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Easily earn CME credit or completion certificates for any ECG Weekly videos you watch or any ECG STAT and Skills content you use.

Test yourself with our new topic specific ECG skills exams that complement what you learn on ECG Weekly and ECG STAT.

We offer high yield CME that is affordable and gives you credit for all the learning you do with us.


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2024 ECG Competition Answers (Part 2/2)

Instructions from Dr. Mattu: In some of the following questions, I’ll ask you for a FULL ECG interpretation/diagnosis. Here’s what I am asking for: SAMPLE QUESTION: A 58 yo M…

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2024 ECG Competition Answers (Part 1/2)

Instructions from Dr. Mattu: In some of the following questions, I’ll ask you for a FULL ECG interpretation/diagnosis. Here’s what I am asking for: SAMPLE QUESTION: A 58 yo M…

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How to avoid misdiagnosis of irregular rhythms

A 80-year-old woman is referred to the emergency department for suspected rapid atrial fibrillation. The following ECG is obtained on arrival: 

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Unraveling WPW Syndrome: Challenging Cases and Nuances of Treatment

A 15-year-old male with a history of asthma presents with palpitations while playing football.  On arrival, he is found to have a narrow complex regular tachycardia most consistent with SVT….

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