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Best "bang for the buck” in the podcast universe. Practical and amazingly useful chunks of information that can easily be applied to the patient at the bedside. Dr. Amal Mattu is the “master” at “keeping it real”. Practice altering, High yield information at your finger tips. It's “must see" TV!

Todd S. Haber, MD, FACEP

ECG weekly speaks concisely to need to know ECGs in the ED . It has helped me to pickup sometimes subtle ECG FINDINGS I WOULD HAVE MISSED AND NO DOUBT MISSED in previous years.  Amal is one of the Best in ER lectures and presentations!

John Hybart, MD

Dr Mattu’s explanations are what helps me the most. He shows how certain ECG presentations could look like one problem but actually is another. His analogy of looking all around the 12 lead is very important to understand the true clinical picture. Also his formula to interpret each 12 lead is very helpful.

Brian K Bugbee NRP, EI, LMT

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Get full year access for only $26!