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ECG Weekly Essentials

$35 year

An affordable plan for members that just want to take advantage of Weekly Workouts.

New Workouts delivered every Monday morning. You also get access to 1 extra year of archived Workouts, and a few other members-only perks.

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ECG Weekly Plus

$60 year

The PLUS plan includes all the features of the Essentials plan, in addition to expanded access to 3 extra years worth of archived Workouts.

Most importantly, the PLUS plan gives you full access to ECG STAT, our bedside ECG interpretation guide. Maximize your learning with over 300 ECG STAT posts full of must know ECG criteria and differential Dx.

A great option to supplement your Workouts with a bedside reference tool that helps you remember what you have learned when it counts!

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ECG Weekly Max

$100 year

Our Best Value By Far!

The MAX plan Includes all the features of the PLUS plan, in addition to full access to our entire archive of Workouts (> 500 searchable episodes).

You get ECG STAT, and full access to our ECG Skills Exams.

If that was not enough, you can also claim as many hours of CME (or completion certificates when you don't need CME) that you earn while on any part of the website for FREE!

The MAX plan is highly recommended for those that want to take advantage of our full suite of educational offerings!

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ECG weekly speaks concisely to need to know ECGs in the ED . It has helped me to pick up some very subtle ECG FINDINGS I WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY MISSED in previous years. Amal is one of the absolute best at breaking down difficult ECG concepts with excellent lectures and presentations!

- John Hybart, MD

Dr Mattu’s explanations are what helps me the most. He shows how certain ECG presentations could look like one problem but actually represent another. His analogy of looking all around the 12 lead is very important to understand the true clinical picture. Also his formula to interpret each 12 lead is very helpful.

- Brian K. Bugbee NRP, EI, LMT

Best "bang for the buck” in the online education universe. Practical and amazingly useful chunks of information that can easily be applied to the patient at the bedside. Dr. Amal Mattu is the “master” at “keeping it real”. Practice altering, High yield information at your fingertips. It's “must see" TV!

- Todd S. Haber, MD, FACEP

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ECG STAT POC Diagnostic Guide Essentials Plus Max
ECG Skills Assessment Exam Trial Essentials Plus Max
All Prior Workouts (>500 episodes) Essentials Plus Max
All ECG Skills Assessment Exams Essentials Plus Max
Claim Free CME & Certificates Essentials Plus Max
Pricing ECG Weekly Essentials

$35 year

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ECG Weekly Plus

$60 year

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ECG Weekly Max

$100 year

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Feature Overview

Member Dashboard

An easy to use dashboard when you log in that presents everything you have access to based on your membership level. Access your content from any device, with useful tools and settings to manage your account and navigate the available content.

Weekly Workouts

New ECG Weekly workout episodes delivered right to your email every week. Each email starts with a clinical case presentation with associated challenging case ECG, and asks important clinical questions for you to consider before watching the detailed video presentation and reading the supplemental written summaries with take-home points.

Community Events

Member-only webinars and virtual events hosted by the ECG Weekly team. We have tons of new content and opportunities for you to learn, members get first dibs to all our upcoming events.


Full access to ECG STAT point-of-care reference guide for PLUS and MAX members. Browse through life-saving STAT ECG topics, must know differential diagnoses, and review the basics and fundamentals. A virtual ECG guru you can consult anytime to help you interpret challenging ECGs.

ECG Skills Assessment Exams

Challenge yourself and reinforce your learning with ECG Skills assessments exams. The perfect supplement to Workouts and ECG STAT. Our exams will prove your competence and empower you with confidence in identifying critical ECG abnormalities.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) & Completion Certificates

Score high-yield "easy to earn while you learn" CME. Just watch your workouts and use ECG STAT and quickly earn credits for all the learning you do with us. Don't need CME? We also provide completion certificate that attest to your learning and competencies you gain from our content. .

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Do you offer group pricing?

We do offer group pricing and residency program discounts. You can purchase any of our plans detailed about by group for extra savings. The way this works is one customer pays and is allocated a certain number of seats that they can give to others. This allows a group to pay with one credit card and obtain bulk pricing.

See our group memberships page for pricing details. Should you have a larger group than we offer online, please let us know.

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