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ECG Skills & CME

Skills Assessments and CME to optimize your ECG education

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Unlock Your Full Potential with ECG Skills Assessment Exams

ECG Skills is the testing ground for your ECG interpretation skills. Our skills assessments perfectly complement ECG weekly workouts and ECG STAT. The exams are meticulously crafted to challenge and enhance your understanding, solidifying your proficiency in emergency ECG interpretation.

Easily Earn While You Learn!

Our platform is not just about learning; it’s about advancing your career and helping improve outcomes. Gain Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits as you expand your ECG knowledge, ensuring that your learning journey also contributes to your professional development. Earn as you watch or read, and claim affordable CME that gives you credit for all the learning you do here.

  • Need a way to show competency in interpreting triage ECGs independently? Our skills assessment exams do just that!
  • Reinforce your learning and understand where to focus your future studies to maximize your success.
  • Works seamlessly with weekly workouts and ECG STAT to make sure you have everything you need to master ECG interpretation.
  • Each assessment is a mirror to the real challenges you face in acute care settings. We simulate a variety of clinical scenarios, testing your ability to apply your knowledge in practical, life-saving situations.

Product Features

The perfect way to supplement what you learn on ECG Weekly & ECG STAT

Our thoughtful exams are more than just a learning tool – they’re a way to measure your growth and identify areas for improvement. Challenge yourself, track your progress, and solidify your ECG interpretation capabilities.

Receive immediate feedback on your performance, with detailed explanations and references to relevant learning materials. Our platform also tracks your progress, allowing you to see your growth over time and identify areas for further development.

Comprehensive exams that test your skills and show you what to focus on next!

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a new medical student, our assessments are designed to cater to various levels of expertise. They challenge and expand your understanding, providing a comprehensive measure of your skill set.

By participating in our ECG Skills Assessments, you’re not just testing your knowledge; you’re becoming part of a dedicated community committed to excellence in acute care settings. 

Take the next step in your professional development. Challenge yourself, sharpen your skills, and emerge more confident and prepared to make a real difference in your patients’ lives.

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