Literature Review: Brugada Syndrome

Emergency Cardiology Literature Review & Updates with Dr. Amal Mattu


A 55-year-old man with no significant PMHx (on no medications) presents to the emergency department with right lower quadrant pain. He is afebrile on arrival, with mild sinus tachycardia. He is found to have perforated appendicitis and is admitted for operative intervention.  The following routine preoperative ECG is obtained:

He is noted to have spontaneous type 1 Brugada pattern on this ECG. Before watching the video, ask yourself:

    1. How are patients tested for Brugada syndrome?
    2. Does every patient with a spontaneous Brugada pattern have Brugada syndrome or need urgent consultation with an electrophysiologist?
    3. What about patients with fever induced or sodium channel blocker induced Brugada patterns?