Hypothermia Emergencies


2024 EMS Cases Part I

A 64-year-old man is being brought in by EMS for chest pain and shortness of breath. The following EMS ECG is obtained:

ECG cases to help you save lives and also crush your board exams

A 45-year-old woman is being observed in the emergency department after treatment with thrombolytics for MI. She is noted to be tachycardic one hour after treatment with a change in…

EMS ECGs: hypothermia emergencies, accelerated idioventricular rhythm (AIVR), and so much more!

 A 63-year-old male presents to the ED with chest ache, near syncope, and exertional lightheadedness. The following ECG is obtained: 

Great EMS cases that highlight hypothermia emergencies, the ECG findings in acute pulmonary embolism, and so much more!

A 39-year-old woman is being taken to the ED by EMS for palpitations and lightheadedness. She is noted to be tachycardic. The following ECG is obtained:

ECG Basics & Fundamentals: the ECG findings of hypothermia

An 80-year-old male with a history of HTN, atrial fibrillation and an unknown “kidney problem” presents to the ED after being found unresponsive at home by his son. He was…

ECG Basics & Fundamentals: causes of prolonged ST segment

A 54-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with generalized weakness and nausea. She is tachycardic but otherwise has normal vital signs. The following ECG was obtained:

ECG Basics and Fundamentals: ECG findings in hypothermia

HPI: An elderly woman is found down by EMS early in the morning in Baltimore. Her family reports that was drinking some eggnog the night before at a holiday party….

ECG findings in hypothermia

A 77-year-old male is brought into the ED after being found unconscious in his home. The following prehospital ECG was obtained and compared to an old normal ECG:

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