Acute Pericarditis

Weekly Workout November 27, 2023
Must know ECGs and differentials in patients with chest pain or shortness of breath

A 63-year-old woman is brought to the emergency department by EMS for chest pain and shortness of breath. The following ECG was obtained:

Weekly Workout June 26, 2023
STAT ECG Diagnoses: distinguishing STEMI from pericarditis, and the difference between Wellens waves and Wellens syndrome

A 54-year-old man presents to the emergency department with acute sharp chest pain that is positional and pleuritic. The following ECG is obtained:

Weekly Workout May 8, 2023
STAT ECG Diagnoses: are ECG abnormalities necessary for the diagnosis of acute pericarditis?

2 separate 50-year-old men present to the emergency department with chest pain. Pain in both patients is described as sharp, pleuritic, and positional. The following ECGs are obtained:

Weekly Workout September 16, 2018
Differential Diagnosis: STEMI vs. acute pericarditis

A 45-year-old male presents to the emergency department with sharp, positional, and pleuritic chest pain while doing CrossFit. He is not a smoker and has no known cardiac risk factors….

Weekly Workout January 26, 2015
ECG Basics & Fundamentals: “just because electrocardiography is a basic skill in medicine, doesn’t mean that our ECG skills should be basic”

HPI: 43-year-old male presents with mid-sternal chest tightness. History is otherwise limited. Vitals: HR-110, otherwise normal vitals. Case ECG

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