Weekly Workout January 8, 2024
Literature Review: Fever and ST segment elevation after syncope

A young woman presents to the ED after a syncopal episode. She hit her chest after falling and has reproducible chest wall tenderness on exam. She is also noted to…

Weekly Workout June 8, 2020
2020 ECG Competition Answers (Part 2/2)

This week we review the answers to the last 6 questions + bonus from the 8th annual UMEM Residency ECG Competition.  Make sure to attempt to answer the questions before clicking…

Weekly Workout October 19, 2015
STAT ECG Diagnoses: post-cardiac arrest and syncope differentials you can’t miss

A 62-year-old male is being transported by EMS to the ED for acute onset chest pressure. He is noted to be hypotensive with a systolic blood pressure in the 50’s….

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