Cardiac arrest

Weekly Workout October 30, 2022
Post-cardiac arrest ECGs: the value of the post return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) ECG and when it should be repeated

A 74-year-old man is brought into the emergency department by EMS for witnessed cardiac arrest. Initial rhythm was ventricular fibrillation s/p defibrillation with subsequent PEA. He received standard prehospital ACLS…

Weekly Workout April 17, 2017
Post-cardiac arrest ECG: intracranial hemorrhage with elevated ICP

A 36-year-old male is brought to the ED by EMS after PEA cardiac arrest. History is limited but he is known to have visited the hospital one week ago with…

Weekly Workout April 10, 2017
STAT ECG Diagnoses: regular wide complex tachycardia (RWCT) after succinylcholine?

A middle-age man presents to the ED with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure from multilobar pneumonia. He is intubated using etomidate and succinylcholine and noted to have a change in rhythm…

Weekly Workout October 5, 2015
STAT ECG Diagnoses: post-cardiac arrest and syncope differentials you can’t miss

A 52-year-old African American male with no known past medical history is brought to the ED after resuscitated V. Fib arrest. A post arrest ECG after resuscitation is obtained:

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