Pediatric ECG

Weekly Workout December 25, 2023
Christmas Case: Decoding the ECG of a 7-year-old boy with lightheadedness and palpitations

A 7-year-old boy visiting from London is brought into the emergency department for palpitations and lightheadedness. He has a history of prior long bone fractures, walks with crutches, and appears…

Weekly Workout January 25, 2021
ECG Basics and Fundamentals: normal pediatric ECGs and how they differ from normal adult ECGs

 A 6-year-old female is brought into the ED for chest pain. The following ECG was obtained:

Weekly Workout September 7, 2015
Wide Complex Tachycardias: what is the difference between polymorphic ventricular tachycardia and torsades des pointes

A 13-month-old female is transferred to you for intermittent torsades/dysrhythmias from a community ED. She has been slightly lethargic and has a cardiac history of VSD, ASD, and a PDA…

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