ST depression

Weekly Workout March 27, 2017
STAT ECG Diagnoses: new T wave inversion or ST segment depression in aVL

A 66-year-old man presents to the ED with retrosternal chest pain that is associated with nausea. The following ECG is obtained:

Weekly Workout September 12, 2016
STAT ECG Diagnoses: differential for ST segment depression in the anteroseptal leads

A 36-year-old woman with a past medical history of rheumatoid arthritis presents to the ED with 3 days of waxing and waning chest tightness. The pain is pleuritic and 4/10…

Weekly Workout January 18, 2016
ECG Basics & Fundamentals: reflux, burping, and improvement with antacids…can’t be cardiac, right?

A 71-year-old man with history of diabetes & HTN presents to the ED with chest discomfort and burping over the past few days. The discomfort has increased over the past…

Weekly Workout May 25, 2015
ECG Basics & Fundamentals: you don’t always need ST segment elevation to benefit from acute reperfusion therapy

HPI: A 75-year-old male with a history of hypertension presents to the ED with substernal chest pressure. There is no associated diaphoresis or nausea. The following ECG was obtained. Case…

Weekly Workout January 5, 2015
ECG Basics & Fundamentals: A stepwise approach to ECG interpretation in patients with chest pain and clinical concern for an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) with pearls and pitfalls in obtaining chest pain histories

HPI: 61 year old male with significant cardiac risk factors presents with chest pain that that radiates down both arms. The pain is exertional and improves with rest. His pain…

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