irregular rhythms

Weekly Workout May 27, 2024
How to avoid misdiagnosis of irregular rhythms

A 80-year-old woman is referred to the emergency department for suspected rapid atrial fibrillation. The following ECG is obtained on arrival: 

Weekly Workout December 23, 2019
Rhythm Interpretation: never trust the computer interpretation and scrutinize every lead

An elderly male presents with weakness and lightheadedness to his primary care physician. He is referred to the ED after the following ECG is obtained:

Weekly Workout December 16, 2019
Rhythm Interpretation: grouped or clumped beats

A 67-year-old male with PMHx of ESRD presents to the ED with fevers and bacteremia. The following ECG is obtained for mild tachycardia:

Weekly Workout December 9, 2019
Rhythm Interpretation: how to avoid misdiagnosis of atrial fibrillation

An elderly male presents to the ED after a syncopal episode. He is found to be weak and lightheaded on arrival, with hypotension and mild tachycardia. There is no evidence…

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