Serial ECG

Weekly Workout February 8, 2021
Literature Review: subtle early signs of cardiac ischemia and the value of serial ECGs in patients being evaluated for acute coronary syndromes (ACS)

A 47-year-old man is brought to the ED by EMS for acute onset left sided chest pain. The history is concerning for an acute coronary syndrome.  The following ECG was…

Weekly Workout October 8, 2018
ECG Basics and Fundamentals: how many STEMI patients present with nondiagnostic initial ECGs?

HPI:  A 52-year-old male with PMHx of HTN & HLD presents to the ED with chest pain and shortness of breath. He looks uncomfortable on exam and is hypertensive. The…

Weekly Workout August 6, 2018
How serial ECGs can save lives!

A 49-year-old man is brought in by EMS to the ED with chest pain concerning for cardiac ischemia. The following prehospital ECG was obtained:

Weekly Workout October 30, 2017
Literature Review: outcomes for patients with STEMI presenting with nondiagnostic initial ECGs

A 45-year-old man presents to the ED with 1 hour of chest pain, shortness of breath, and diaphoresis. The following ECG is obtained:

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