Weekly Workout June 26, 2022
Differential DIagnoses: AV blocks, prolonged QTc intervals, T wave inversions, and more!

A 50-year-old woman is brought into the emergency department unresponsive. History is otherwise limited. The following ECG is obtained with no prior ECGs available for comparison.

Weekly Workout May 18, 2015
2015 ECG Competition Answers (Part 2/2)

This week we review the answers to the last 6 cases from the UMEM Residency ECG Competition. Make sure to attempt to answer the questions before clicking the red boxes…

Weekly Workout March 16, 2015
Differential Diagnoses: Non-conducted P-waves (P:QRS > 1)

HPI:  A 92-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with lightheadedness. Case ECG   Before watching this week’s video, ask yourself these questions: Focus on the rate and rhythm, what…

Weekly Workout March 9, 2015
Rhythm Interpretation: a three-step approach to diagnosing AV blocks

HPI:  A 54-year-old woman with PMHx of cardiomyopathy is referred to the ED by her cardiologist who is concerned about an “arrhythmia”. Case ECG   Before watching this week’s video,…

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